Knowing you are known is essential to the spiritual journey!

Seven Sacred Signpost # 1: Sweetness

As Leigh McElroy says so well in her book, The Beautiful Ache, staying in the journey of the Jesus life is only possible when we know what we know . . . the God of the universe calls my name!  When we are completely honest, there is so much mystery, so much pain, and so many challenges along the road of life (as He said there would be, John 16:33) that the essential SWEETNESS that we need to know is that we are known and loved.

Our names are written on the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:16).  If you are not certain of this–for you–I encourage you to pause . . . pray . . . meditate on the Scriptures . . . and wait long enough to know all over again (or perhaps for the first time) that you are seen, understood, accepted and cherished by Jesus. He calls you by name!