Cultivate calm . . .

Sacred Signpost #1: Sweetness

It always puzzles me how Christ-followers can be some of the most most driven and anxious humans on earth . . . Do we forget that we follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace? “And His name will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). Perhaps that is why so many […]

Hard places and people . . . are an invitation!

Sacred Signpost #4: Struggles

In hindsight I can clearly see that every place AND person that has felt like a hard struggle in my life has been appointed by God for a purpose! He wants to teach me something, or He wants to redirect me for reasons that I clearly cannot see at the time. NOTE this: “I could […]

The face that transforms . . .

Sacred Signpost #7: Seeing

The human soul was created to need a face. Babies that are deprived of mother’s face suffer deeply throughout their lives from attachment deprivation. Yet, there is hope for everyone!  A face remains that heals the bewildered heart . . . day after day after day. Our personal God, Creator of the universe, reveals more […]

Merciful craftsman!

Sacred Signpost #7: Seeing

Our Father is a merciful craftsman! And, with His vision, we can endure and THRIVE in the most difficult days . . . Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty! “On that day the LORD their God will rescue His people,just as a shepherd rescues His sheep. They will sparkle in His land like jewels […]

Mysterious abundance

Sacred Signpost #3: Surrender

The poem you are about to read, seems–at first glance–to be a bit radical. You would probably like to skip this one!  Yes, yes, this is how we all feel about surrender. We prefer not to eat the bitter herbs . . . not unlike the first time I tasted arugula! I don’t know about […]

Holy Intoxication!

Sacred Signpost #1: Sweetness

Here is the place of deepest sweetness! Every soul on the planet may have this free gift of grace–if they seek it, and keep on seeking. Do not stop!  The poem that follows is really a prayer that I uttered . . . and you can too. He is faithful to give us this sweet […]