Soul Care Central: BEWARE!

Sacred Signpost #5: Struggles

All of us have good reason to invite Mr. Grudge into the house of our soul. However, if we entertain him, allow him to remain even for a few days—and God help us—welcome him to become a permanent resident—we put our entire soul in danger!   Beware, beware!    Mr. Grudge may appear friendly and […]

Cultivate calm . . .

Sacred Signpost #1: Sweetness

It always puzzles me how Christ-followers can be some of the most most driven and anxious humans on earth . . . Do we forget that we follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace? “And His name will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). Perhaps that is why so many […]

Hard places and people . . . are an invitation!

Sacred Signpost #4: Struggles

In hindsight I can clearly see that every place AND person that has felt like a hard struggle in my life has been appointed by God for a purpose! He wants to teach me something, or He wants to redirect me for reasons that I clearly cannot see at the time. NOTE this: “I could […]

The face that transforms . . .

Sacred Signpost #7: Seeing

The human soul was created to need a face. Babies that are deprived of mother’s face suffer deeply throughout their lives from attachment deprivation. Yet, there is hope for everyone!  A face remains that heals the bewildered heart . . . day after day after day. Our personal God, Creator of the universe, reveals more […]

Merciful craftsman!

Sacred Signpost #7: Seeing

Our Father is a merciful craftsman! And, with His vision, we can endure and THRIVE in the most difficult days . . . Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty! “On that day the LORD their God will rescue His people,just as a shepherd rescues His sheep. They will sparkle in His land like jewels […]

Mysterious abundance

Sacred Signpost #3: Surrender

The poem you are about to read, seems–at first glance–to be a bit radical. You would probably like to skip this one!  Yes, yes, this is how we all feel about surrender. We prefer not to eat the bitter herbs . . . not unlike the first time I tasted arugula! I don’t know about […]