What is the 7th (and final) Secret to TRUE Success?

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

The seventh and final Secret to TRUE Sucess was discussed on my weekly LIVE Facebook Broadcast Sunday. In case you don’t know, if you Like Zig Ziglar, public figure, on Facebook, you will receive notifications when I go live on Facebook- usually, around 7:27 am. Also, if you missed any of the seven, there are links […]

What is the 5th Secret to TRUE Success?

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

Everyone has OBSTACLES!  The path to TRUE Success is full of them–whether it be financial, emotional, spiritual or physical.  You are not alone if you feel sometimes overwhelmed by your obstacles. On my Live Broadcast last Sunday, I discussed the 5th Secret:  So how do we do this Overcoming??  Since I am a person of […]

What is the 4th Secret to TRUE Success in 2018?

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

Hello friends!  The 4th Secret to TRUE Success was discussed on my Live Sunday broadcast.  As a reminder, so far we have covered Aim Higher, Find the Fuel, and Order Your Days.  Today I would like to suggest that the fourth element of TRUE Success is this:  Why is this important?  The truth is that […]

The 3rd Secret for TRUE Success in 2018

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

Hello friends!  Sunday’s Live Broadcast was full of practical help as I talked about the 3rd Secret for TRUE Success in this New Year:  Order Your Days.  So far I have presented (1) Aim Higher and (2) Find the Fuel.  Now here we are:  Life is confusing enough without also feeling a lack of direction, […]

The 2nd Secret for TRUE Success in 2018?

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

Hello friends!  On my recent LIVE Broadcast, I discussed what I believe is the second critical element for TRUE Success in 2018–Find the Fuel!  That is, find fuel that will feed your Tree of Life that no fire, flood, or mudslide can destroy! I talked about the recent devastation of beautiful Montecito, CA –not only the home […]

What are the 7 Secrets to TRUE Success in 2018?

Sacred Signpost #2: Secrets

On my Live Broadcast last Sunday, I introduced a series for the new year regarding the meaning of TRUE Success. Success means so many different things to so many people. The perspective that I bring to the table is the need for success that lasts beyond the values and needs of this present world.  My heart […]

This Christmas, I will finish the sentence . . .

Sacred Signpost: Merry Christmas Secrets

Every year on Christmas Eve, I have the great privilege of reciting from memory, “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” which is the birth of Christ Jesus (Luke 2:1-20).  Here’s a little back-story: When I was a young girl, for no reason other than desire (hmm, a God-thing?), I was prompted to memorize the verses. For many years the […]

How to THRIVE deeper?

Sacred Signpost #2: Stillness

Hello friends, as I write these words, there is a fire raging in Los Angeles that is destroying not only homes and businesses but also threatens to destroy the world renown Getty Museum of Art. How is it possible to find joy in circumstances like these?  Or when fire rages not externally but internally?  When you […]